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Requests Under Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009

Decisions on applications made to the Planning Assessment Commission for access to information under the GIPA Act are provided below. 


Moorebank Intermodal Terminal

Request Letter

Response Letter

Wilpinjong First Request

- Request Letter

- Decision Letter

- Weekly PAC Reports

Agency Redacted

Agency Redacted1

Agencies Redacted2

Agencies Redacted3

Wilpinjong Second Request

- Request Letter

Decision Letter

Narrabri CSG

Request Letter

- Acknowledgement Letter

Decision Letter

PAC Presentation Final GLNG trip

CSG Study Trip Notes

David McNamara Diary

Environmental Authority Approval Process

Meeting with Queensland Government Minutes

Narrabri CSG Agendas Santos

Narrabri CSG Agendas QLD GOVT

NSW Commissioner Tour


PAC Visit Inbox_Redacted

Pages from 03 Project Description Section 3 FINAL PUBLIC

QLD Govt Outbox_Redacted

QLD Govt INBOX Redacted

Santos Inbox_Redacted

Santos Outbox_Redacted


Biala Wind Farm

Request Letter

Interim Response Letter

Response Letter

Gunlake Quarry Extension Project / LEC Appeal (2017 /0010866)

Request letter

Decision Letter