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D067/11 A - Ashton Coal Mine - South East Open Cut Project - Remitted to PAC for further determination

Singleton Shire Council
Gabrielle Kibble AO


Notice of Public Meeting.pdf
Draft Schedule for Commission Meeting.pdf
Ashton update for website.pdf
A Bowman additional information.pdf
A Bowman additional article.pdf
Hunter Valley Water Users Association.pdf
W Bowman 4 June 2012.pdf
W Bowman 7 June 2012.PDF
A Bowman presentation.pdf
D Watling.pdf
Singleton Council.pdf
Singleton Shire Health Environment Group.pdf
NCC Presentation.pdf
Cover letter for submission to PAC, May 2012.pdf
ACOL SEOC Submission to PAC 21 May 2012.pdf
Letter to PAC 8th June 2012 - re Dust report - including attachments.pdf
27 June 2012 info from Ashton.pdf
Letter from ACOL to PAC - additional submission 5 Sept 2012.pdf
Cover Letter - Submission to PAC on SEOC - 31 July 2012.PDF
PAC SEOC Submission - 31-7-2012.pdf
Attachments Figures Lists.pdf
Attachment 1.pdf
Attachments 2 to 10.pdf
Attachments 11 to 12.pdf
Ashton SEOC conditions 4-10-12sml.pdf
Ashton determination part 1 - main report (without attachments).pdf
Ashton determination part 2 - Appendix 2 agency corro.pdf
Ashton determination part 3 - Appendix 3 Proponent's plans May & June .pdf
Ashton determination part 4a - Appendix 3 Proponent's 31 July plans.pdf
Ashton determination part 4b - Appendix 3 Proponent's 31 July plans.pdf
Ashton determination part 5 - Appendix 3 & 4 Proponent's Sept plans & other corro.pdf
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