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R019/13 - Drayton South Coal Project

Muswellbrook Shire Council
Singleton Shire Council
Garry West
Joe Woodward PSM

Public Hearing

16 March 2013 Terms of Reference Drayton South - superseded.pdf
Revised (Current) Terms of Reference Drayton South.pdf
Public Notice.pdf
Draft Public Hearing Schedule l Drayton.pdf
Updated Draft Public Hearing Schedule l Drayton.pdf
Submission l Lock the Gate Alliance.pdf
Submission l HTBA.pdf
Submission l Arrowfield Winery.pdf
Submission l Coolmore.pdf
Submission l Coolmore - Appendix 1.pdf
Submission l Coolmore - Appendix 2.pdf
Submission l Coolmore - Appendix 3.pdf
Submission l Coolmore - Appendix 4.pdf
Submission l Coolmore - Appendix 5.pdf
Submission l Coolmore - Appendix 6.pdf
Submission l Coolmore - Appendix 7.pdf
Submission l Coolmore - Appendix 8.pdf
Submission l Darley.pdf
Submission l Darley - Appendix 1.pdf
Submission l Darley - Appendix 2.pdf
Submission l Darley - Appendix 3.JPG
Submission l Barwick Adrian.pdf
Submission l Cressfield.pdf
Submission l Amarina Farm.pdf
Submission l Inglis.pdf
Submission l Scone Race Club.pdf
Submission l Mather Gus.pdf
Submission l Redman Park.pdf
Submission l Harris Brent.pdf
Submission l Muswellbrook DAE-Economic and social impact.pdf
Anglo American Coal.pdf
Proponents Leaflet.pdf
John Kaye.pdf
Nature Conservation Council of NSW.pdf
Angela Barry.pdf
Shannon Smith-Eckman.pdf
Allen Barry.pdf
Wendy Bowman.pdf
The Hunted Gourmet.pdf
Cr Kiwa Fisher.pdf
HTBA Presentation Covering Letter.pdf
HTBA part 1.pdf
HTBA part 2.pdf
HTBA - Heritage Presentation SV Speaking Notes 10 October 2013.pdf
HTBA - GML Heritage Drayton South Coal Project.pdf
HTBA - Air Quality Presentation.pdf
Coolmore Presentation Cover Letter.pdf
Ken Barry PAC Speaking Notes.pdf
Ross Watson PAC Speaking Notes.pdf
Coolmore M Wright Landscape.pdf
Coolmore M Wright PRESENTATION 101013_Part1.pdf
Coolmore M Wright PRESENTATION 101013_Part2.pdf
Coolmore M Wright PRESENTATION 101013_Part3.pdf
Coolmore M Wright PRESENTATION 101013_Part4.pdf
Coolmore M Wright PRESENTATION 101013_Part5.pdf
Coolmore M Wright PRESENTATION 101013_Part6.pdf
Coolmore water issues.pdf
IH&RA Moore Partnership presentation summaries.pdf
IH & RA Moore Partnership Risk.pdf
IH & RA Moore Partnership NMS_Part1.pdf
IH & RA Moore Partnership NMS_Part2.pdf
IH & RA Moore Partnership NMS_Part3.pdf
IH & RA Moore Partnership NMS_Part4.pdf
IH & RA Moore Partnership NMS_Part5.pdf
Darley Presentation to Drayton South PAC - Cover Letter.pdf
Darley Drayton South Public Hearing Presentation.pdf
Darley Economics Presentation.pdf
131111 Anglo American Submission to the PAC.pdf
Letter from EPA 20-11-2013.pdf
Coolmore and Darley.pdf
PAC Review Report Drayton 10-12-13.pdf
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